Rigid LED Light Strip (7)

LED Spotlights (13)

Neon Strip Lights (5)

LED Light Strip Diffuser Channel (3)

Featured of LED Lights

0.5m/1m/pcs Invisible LED Recessed Aluminum Channel With Milky Cover

Invisible LED Recessed Aluminum Channel,0.5m/1m/pcs Invisible LED Recessed Aluminum Profile Hidden Backlight Channel With Milky Cover Cabinet Shelf Hard Bar Strip Light

Black Waterproof IP67 Flexible LED Neon Strip Lights with SMD2835 Tape Lights

Flexible LED Neon Strip Lights,Black LED Neon Rope Tube Flexible Silicone Strip Lights Soft Waterproof IP67 DC12V SMD2835 Outdoor Home Decor Ribbon Tape Lights

DC5V 30/60/144 Pixels WS2813 RGB led pixel strips with WS2812 IC Dual-Signal

led pixel strips,WS2813(WS2812B Update) RGB Led Strip 30/60/144 Pixels/Leds/M WS2812 IC Dual-Signal Led Lndividual Addressable DC5V

Dimmable Waterproof IP65 shower lights waterproof For Bathroom

Dimmable Waterproof IP65 Die-Cast LED Downlight 5W 7W 9W indoor Lamp Recessed Spot Light For Bathroom Product Details Qualtity Waterproof

Recessed Waterproof IP67 Flexible Ribbon Tape for Neon Strip Lights

Waterproof IP67 Flexible Ribbon Tape,1-5M/pcs Flexible Neon Silicon Tube LED Profiles Housing Recessed Waterproof IP67 Ribbon Outdoor Decor Linear Tape Strip Lights
China led Light Wholesaler

About us

Welcome to my led neighbor LED online store, we are a wholesaler of LED lights from China, as you can see our store only displays a part of our products, we have opened a separate consultation channel for wholesale customers , please fill in the "bulk inquiry" directly to get in touch with us.

China LED Lights Wholesaler

We have a large collection of LED Lighting products including LED Strips, LED Tubes, LED Downlights,light diffuser,led channel,led aluminum channel, etc

led Ceiling light series

Ceiling light series mainly include: Bathroom Waterproof LED Downlights, Square Ceiling Lights, LED Spotlights,LED Panel Lights,Dimmable LED Downlights, etc.

Flexible/Rigid LED strip Lights

Strip Lights mainly include, flexible LED strip Lights, rigid LED strip Lights, pixel strip Lights, led neon strip Lights. The colors are monochrome and RGB magic color series.

Strip Lights Diffuser

LED strip light diffuser channel is the most widely used accessory device for led strip light. The channel of aluminum profile is definitely the first choice. There is also a lot of room for flexible channels. For the color of the diffuser channel, we have classified the Black LED Strip Light Channel separately.

LED Lights Accessories

In led lights accessories series, we can provide you with LED power supply, LED Strip Controller, LED Strip Connector and other related products. Committed to creating a one-stop buy LED lights service experience for you.