The LED Diffuser Channel is an encapsulated LED strip diffuse channel.

LED strip lights offer versatility and ease of use, but in reality, an individual LED strip is not a finished lighting product. As the use of LED strips in commercial lighting, the best lighting accessories partner: aluminum channels, or sometimes called aluminum profiles, can help LED strips better present their lighting effects as lighting fixtures.

Aluminum Channel As the simplest type of led diffuser channel, it is made of extruded aluminum and is ideal for linear lighting fixtures considering LED strips. Channels are usually “U” “V” shaped, or according to the actual lighting needs, we have about 1000 kinds of styles.

In addition to aluminum channels, a polycarbonate (plastic) diffuser is usually included. The led channel diffuser is usually about a quarter to half an inch away from the LED strip mounted on the bottom of the aluminum channel. And such diffusers help provide diffuse light and improve the light distribution of LED strips. This will allow the light to reduce glare and cause unnecessary light pollution.

The answer is obviously no!

I see a lot of clients talking about this again and apparently there are a lot of sites that haven’t been updated in years. But as manufacturers, we are more aware of the progress of the industry and product development. The flexible LED strip diffuser channel greatly expands its use environment.

Yes, there are about 1000+ designs of our LED Strip Channel styles, you can contact us directly.

We sell each item individually, so this product page is only for aluminum profiles without LED strip Lights.

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0.5m/1m/pcs Invisible LED Recessed Aluminum Channel With Milky Cover

Invisible LED Recessed Aluminum Channel,0.5m/1m/pcs Invisible LED Recessed Aluminum Profile Hidden Backlight Channel With Milky Cover Cabinet Shelf Hard Bar Strip Light

Flexible U-type Aluminum Profiles

Flexible U-type Aluminum Profiles,2-20pcs/lot 0.5m/1m Flexible U-type Aluminum Profiles For 5050 5630 LED Bendable Flat Shell Milky Cover Channel Bar Strip Lights

Recessed Decor Strip Light Aluminum Profile With Milky Cover

Strip Light Aluminum Profile,0.5m/1m/pcs Recessed Skirting Line LED Bar Lamp Wall Mount Corner Aluminum Profile With Milky Cover Floor Home Decor Strip Light